NWA CX Series Rules

NWA CX Series Rules & Point Structure

Points are awarded for the top 20 competitors in each race based on the following schedule:

Place Points
1 30
2 28
3 26
4 24
5 22
6 21
7 20
8 19
9 17
10 16

Place Points
11 15
12 14
13 12
14 11
15 10
16 9
17 8
18 6
19 5
20 3


* Women Pro/1/2
* Women Cat 3
* Women Cat 4
* Women Cat 5
* Women Single speed
* Juniors Female 9-14
* Juniors Female 15-18
* Men Pro/1/2
* Men Cat 3
* Men Cat 4
* Men Cat 5
* Men Single speed
* Masters 40+
* Masters 50+
* Juniors Male 9-14
* Juniors Male 15-18
  1. At the end of the series, all points will be totaled to determine the NWA Series winner for each category.
  2. In the event of a race tie, as determined by the race officials, points awarded for the place, will be split amongst the riders.
  3. In the event of a series placing tie, the tie will be broken as follows: the rider with more 1st place finishes. If still tied, then 2nd place finishes. If still tied, then 3rd place finishes.
  4. Series points will be tabulated, and results posted on the series website, as well as being on display at registration, for all events.
  5. Series prizes will be awarded upon expiration of the protest period of the final race in the series.
    • Race results are posted near Registration as soon as possible after each race is completed. Racers are responsible to check the results and register any protest no later than 15 minutes after the posting of the results.
    • If you believe your race result is incorrect, you should tell the Registration official.
    • Changes to race results after the protest period has ended may not be allowed at the discretion of series and race officials.


  • Races will be governed by USA Cycling rules for cyclocross. It is the rider’s responsibility to know these rules. All rules and regulations will be enforced by officials and staff. 2018 USA Cycling Rulebook
  • Helmets are required by rules in the USA Cycling rulebook. Helmets should be worn at ALL times, including warm-up and riding from the parking to registration.
  • The following exceptions to the rules are allowed:
    • Mountain bikes are allowed with this exception: Forward facing bar ends are not allowed on any bikes.
    • Singlespeed categories can be raced with zip ties on shifters (to prevent shifting).
  • Feeding is allowed.
  • If you upgrade to another category in the middle of the season points are not carried over.
  • Start order for all races will be determined by Series Lead + USA Cycling ranking.
    • For the first race, the start order will be USA Cycling ranking.
    • For each following race, the start order will be Top 3 Series Leaders followed by USA Cycling ranking.
      • Unranked riders will be staged in random order at the back of the start grid.
      • Day of registration will be stated in random order behind all pre-registered riders.
  • No warming up on the course while other races are in progress. You will be DQ’ed you are on the course when a race is taking place.
  • Day of race registration and rider check-in closes 45 minutes before the start of each category race.
    • To ensure the most accurate results, no rider will be allowed to register once registration is closed.

Only one waiver is required for the entire season – you do not need to fill out a new one at each NWA Series race registration.

Single race
Pre-reg: $35
Race day: $40

Juniors: FREE

2nd race